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We welcome anyone who is ready to relax, explore, laugh & let go. Yoga is an extremely personal practice,we encourage our students to let go of all judgements & competition so that they can focus on their transformation.

My Journey

Namaste, recalling my childhood memories I was the one who could easily skip meals, homework, sleep to play outdoors and later being scolded by my mother for all the wounds I used to get while running and playing. From a young age, I was always inclined towards sports and choose to be an athlete for all sports activities, till I complete my higher secondary education. Holding a Master’s Degree in Commerce, with the qualification of UGC NET Exam for Assistant Professor and a C.A. dropout (Chartered Accountant), I didn’t know I was going to be a teacher soon, but not one who teaches commerce students, rather who teaches yoga all over the world. 

I ventured into Yoga unexpectedly. After college, I was looking for a holistic approach for my fitness. In 2014, I stepped on my mat and immediately fell in love, my yoga journey began. I practiced for half a year with dedication by watching some yoga videos and started getting compliments and praises for my transformed mind and body. I started my training with an instructor in Hisar. He Trained me for another full Year and motivated me to participate in competitions. Yoga has nothing to do with physical appearance, competition and judgements. I realized this after participating and winning titles for District and State championships in Haryana. 

I was not done yet, I yearned for more knowledge and decided to take a (200 HR YTT) a teacher training, without an intention to teach at that time from Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, situated in Lonavala, Maharashtra in 2017. I took training from Kaivalyadhama,s Jaipur Branch. Physical training and studying yogic texts from different professional’s helped me to grow.

I initiated my healing journey 3 year’s ago, this time spirituality was leading than physical practice. In July 2020, when Covid first wave hit the world, I was trying to figure out what to do next and I remember practicing every day, at the half renovated first floor of my house. Uploading practice videos on whatsapp was my first step towards social media and spreading awareness . I was fortunate to have my neighbour as my first clients, who saw my videos. Then and there I decided to start my own studio in the same space where I used to practice.                                                                              

Studio, Asmibysonika, in Hisar was talk of the town during covid times and I was surrounded by people who had trust in yoga community. In my offline and online clients, I found a family who were all healing and learning as one. I consider it to be the biggest decision of my life, to be able to help and teach health to the people. Now I have a passion for yoga and healthy living. I teach Ashtanga Yoga, as well as different styles, that bring out my students powerful, creative and spiritual side. I find so much joy, love, light in teaching and self-practice that I spend my most of the time on the mat. I want to give people an experience with more depth than that of a regular asana class, with teaching popular breathing practices, kriyas, spiritual healing through chanting and meditation, and yoga philosophy. 

My inspiration for my practice on and off the mat has always been real life situations. The word impossible , challenging roles and limited resources,  pushes me to do my best. Spiritually, all my practices are devoted to Lord Shiva, my strength. Deep rooted in Indian culture, influenced me to study Ayurveda (mother of all healing) from Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute. Talking about breathing practices, I would like to mention, Pranayama are significant part of my wellness tool kit. Pranayama has been my physical, emotional & spiritual support system in this journey. 

I believe, every person is passionate about something or other but hold fear and pressure to follow that passion. Trust me when I say, Yoga bridges that gap and help’s you become better version with each day. If you start your yoga journey now, whatever life brings you on the table, you will never hide or run. You will live the life joyfully the way it is and not the way you think it should be. While you relate and connect to my yoga journey, I thank you for being here and hoping to connect with you in my classes. See you on the mat! 


Sonika Rana (Founder and Teacher at Sonika Rana Yoga)                                                                     


   Diwali Celeberation at Sonika Rana Yoga Studio 2020     


 Sonika Rana Yoga Studio 1st Anniversary Celebration 2021

Sonika's message

We all seek change and transformation where, consistency is the answer. Forever a student, I strive to guide you through a class that allows you to feel aware, aligned, confident, powerful & creative. There’s nothing I love more than teaching & connecting with students. Everyone and anyone is welcome & I hope you find your own aligned flow not just on the mat, but in all areas of life.

Thank you for allowing me to be your guide on this journey.
Love !

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